Why We Do What We Do

At McClellan Grimmer Edgar we have a genuine passion for our profession.

Over the years we have embraced the changes that have presented themselves in our field.

When optometrists were given statute permission to use drugs to dilate the pupil to facilitate a better view of the back of the eye - we were there.

When the opportunity came to become accredited examiners for the Civil Aviation Authority and examiners for Maritime NZ - we were there.

When the opportunity came to join the team looking after the retinas of people with diabetes - we took that opportunity.

When optometrists were granted statute permission to prescribe medicines to treat red eye disease - we accepted that challenge - embracing the extra study and examinations, which that demanded.

And when new genuinely advanced technology came to the optometry ophthalmology market place - we invested in that.

Our pursuit of excellence in the provision of eye care is second to none - you are assured of comprehensive care - advice you can depend on - and a job well done